About S2S



At Studio 2 Stage, our main goal is to support and encourage dancers of all abilities, specifically novice or beginner dancers, those who require stage exposure and dancers who have not attended many, if any, dance competitions. 

Studio 2 Stage has been designed to encourage competitors whilst also exposing them to all aspects of the competitive dance world including checking in, performing on stage, adjudication and critique sheets. 

It is our belief that getting up on stage in itself deserves recognition, and as such every routine that is performed will be rewarded with a performer trophy.  Then, at the conclusion of the competition, a short award ceremony will be held on stage to present those dancers who have been selected to receive a bonus award. 

August 7th - 8th 2021 at the Ken Thompson Theatre, Gladstone Park VIC 

Adjudicators: TBC


What sections are available to enter at S2S? 

S2S currently offer solo sections in the below age groups and styles: 

Under 6, 6 and Under 8, 8 and Under 10, 10 and Under 12, 12 and Under 14, 14 and Under 16, Open Age and Adult

Jazz, Tap, Song and Dance / Song and Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Neo, Classical, Character and Acrobatics. 

At this stage, S2S are not offering Duo, Trio, Quad or Troupe sections however we may introduce these sections in our 2021 syllabus. 

Who can enter? 

Although anyone is able to enter, S2S has been created with the following types of dancers in mind: 

* Novice dancers

* Beginner dancers

* Dancers who require stage exposure and experience

* Dancers who have not attended many, if any, dance competitions 

* Dancers who attend dance competitions however do not regularly place

If my child enters and performs 5 solos, how many performer trophies will

he / she receive?

Every routine that is performed is rewarded with one performer trophy. If your child enters and performs 5 solos then they will be rewarded 5 performer trophies.  

Do you award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd? 

No, at S2S we do not award a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any of our sections. As our main goal is to encourage and support all dancers, everybody receives the same award at the conclusion of each section (one performer trophy per competitor per section).

However, throughout the competition, adjudicators and staff carefully observe and take note of dancers who they think are deserving of receiving a bonus award. These dancers will be notified that they have been nominated for a bonus award and will be required to be present during the award ceremony held on the last night of the competition. Dancers who win a bonus will be presented with a large trophy on stage. 

Because there are no places awarded, competing at S2S, receiving performer trophies or bonus awards will not change your status at other dance competitions ie. if your child was a novice competitor before competing at S2S they will remain a novice competitor after S2S. 

What bonus awards will be presented at the award ceremony?

The following bonus awards may be presented during the S2S award ceremony where dancers will receive a large trophy: 

* Top 3 Highest Scoring Juniors (Under 12)

* Top 3 Highest Scoring Seniors (12 years and over)

* Picture Perfect award

* Fierce Face award 

* Most Potential award

* Dressed to Impress award 

* Spectacular Smile award

* Perfect Point award

* Rising Star award

* Cutie Patootie award

* Funky Freak award

* Born to Entertain award

* Musicality award

* Tip Top Tapper award

* Directors choice award

* Sportsmanship award

Where do we enter?

Entries will be available to complete online as of the 01/03/2020 and will close on 01/07/2020 or when entries reach full capacity. 

What forms of music do you accept and when do we supply our music?

All music must be supplied on a CD with only one track per disk. This CD should be in a cover with the dancers name and style written on the front. We also suggest bringing a backup copy of your music on a USB, iPod, iPad or phone (with a dongle if necessary). 

Music must be handed in to the front desk at least 3 sections before the dancers section commences. 

Where can I find a copy of the program? 

A digital copy of the program will be available for download 1 month prior to the competition. This PDF version of the program can then be shared with family and friends. A limited number of hard copy programs will also be available for purchase on the day which can make for an excellent memento, especially if this is your child's first dance competition. 

What are critique sheets and where can I collect them from?

Critique sheets (or crits) are handwritten sheets of paper by the adjudicator and his / her scribe. They are constructive and list the parts of your routine that the adjudicator liked and key areas they suggest your child keep working on. Crit sheets can be collected after your child's performance and are then yours to take home.

Where can I view a full copy of your Rules and Regulations? 

You can download a copy of our Rules and Regulations by clicking here.

Do you have another question?

Email us today at admin@studio2stagedancecompetition.com